Our Graphic Design Services start at only $50.


With the Logo Design package you get three premium mockups starting at $125.


Your video or a written article of your choice posted and featured on starting at only $75.00


You have heard all the rage about 4K Video. Now you can have your interview recorded at an amazing 4K resolution starting at $175.00

More Of Our Services

Online Press Release

Our online press release campaigns start at $100.00.

4K Commercial Video

Our 4K commercial videos start at $150.00 and our 4K music video production start at $350.00

SMS Powered mobile app

Our SMS powered mobile app profile development starts at $250.00

Website Development

Our website development starts at $125.00 for a splash page and $550 for a full fledged website.

e-Commerce Options

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Web Ads

Web ads are targeted ads on our website and on hundreds of other Mobile Apps shared to hundreds of thousands of local area mobile devices.


Social Media Marketing.


SEO pay per click and adword campaign management

Radio & Television

Radio & television spot creation & ad buys.

Local Hero Marketing & Public Relations – (Custom campaign starts with $25 Consultation Fee for a 1-on-1 in person or Skype meeting to used towards any selected a la carte service)